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Why Pastors Should Blog

Written by Amanda Lansche | Oct 1, 2015 8:45:00 PM

Today, I hosted a 30-minute webinar on why pastors should blog along with Peter Frank, manager of Concordia Technology Services. We talked with nearly 70 attendees about why blogging matters for pastors and shared ideas on how to start and maintain a successful pastoral blog!

We encouraged pastors to harness the power of blogs as a ministry tool by posting regularly online to connect with members, other pastors, and even strangers.

In case you missed the live webinar, we recorded the entire session and uploaded it to our YouTube channel so everyone can learn how to blog! You can watch the video here:

Additionally, you can download the slides below or at our SlideShare account. Feel free to download the slides and share the presentation with your staff, friends, or anyone who is in ministry!

If you're interested in learning more about blogging in the ministry, download the corresponding free ebook Why Pastors Should Blog.