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Improvements Made to Envelopes and Households

Written by Peter Frank | May 24, 2017 6:00:00 PM

We’ve made three improvements to the Envelope and Household Profile parts of Church360° Members. Learn about the changes and see examples of them below.


When we first introduced Church360° Members, we offered the ability to set different start and end dates for when envelope numbers applied to certain people. While this gave users a lot of flexibility, it also made the process more complex and it was harder for users to troubleshoot problems. In our latest update, we’ve simplified the process to allow users to schedule a future date at which envelopes will automatically be renumbered.

When updating envelope numbers, users will now see two options: Apply Now and Apply Later. Once a date has been scheduled for envelope numbers to change, users can edit the scheduled changes or even delete them.

Users can still change envelope numbers immediately by choosing the Apply Now option.


We have made two improvements to how information connects between Households and Individuals.

First, when users add Notes or Pastoral Visits to a Household, that information will now appear in the profile of each Individual in that Household. This makes it easy to add the same information to each family member’s profile by just adding it to the Household.

For example, if a pastor makes a visit to a family who is considering joining the church and he meets with the parents and their two children, he can add the note to the Household profile and it will show on all four Individual profiles.

Second, when users create new a new profile from another family member’s profile, the new profile will be automatically added to the same Household. Previously, each new person added in this way was put into their own Household. The update will save time and create less work for users.

We hope these updates are useful! If you have any questions or comments, please contact our support team at or 1.800.346.6120.

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