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Build a complete church website today. . .for free!

Everything you need to build your church website, including your master church calendar. Yes, it's 100% free. 

This free plan gives you access to the following features of Church360° Unite:


With our complete page editing experience, there is no need for you to know any code. Simply click, edit, and save—it's as easy and sending an email.


Maintain your site navigation with our drag and drop navigation tool. Set pages as drafts so you can stage changes before making them live.


Create your church's master calendar that lives on your church website. Segment events under separate, individual calendars that you can still see all in one place.


Quickly and easily change the appearance of your website by selecting a new theme. Change style fonts, sizes, colors, margins, padding, borders, and more.

Get started using Church360° Unite today with FREE essential tools, and upgrade as you grow. 

Start the Church360° Unite Free Plan