Software Features

Shepherd’s Staff is Windows-based church management software that integrates five comprehensive modules to help you better manage your membership, attendance, contributions, finances, and calendar.

Backed by a top-notch software support team, Shepherd’s Staff is trusted software used by thousands of churches nationwide.

Membership Module - Shepherd's Staff Church Management Software


Manage multiple emails, addresses, and phone numbers for each member of your congregation. Generate mail merges, mailing labels, intelligent mail barcodes, useful reports, and more.


  • Reach your members via text message, conveying important information immediately. 
  • Easily track information on an unlimited numbers of individuals and households.  
  • Maintain up-to-date records of member talents, training, and activities.
  • Send emails to individuals or groups directly from the software.  
  • Create convenient lists of members who share common characteristics, talents or needs.
  • Develop custom reports and mailings.  
  • Export to Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Save time and repetition by conducting mass updates on records.
  • Keep running totals of all church statistics.  
  • Print mailing labels, name badges, comprehensive church directories, and more.  
  • Save money and time by generating your own labels with postal bar codes.  
  • Generate weekly reports on important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, Baptisms, etc.).
  • Automated schedule generator sets visits and records confidential notes securely.
  • Keep track of "snowbirds" by using the alternate address feature.
  • Find qualified candidates for staff positions with Ministry Position Manager.
  • Update and maintain all records with practical, user friendly data management utilities.

Attendance Module - Shepherd's Staff Church Management Software


Enter attendance quickly and accurately, add events, track absentees, manage enrollees, and more. Easily recognize the need for pastoral visits and track attendance patterns.


  • Ensure children’s safety, collect contact information, and record attendance with the Multi-Purpose Check-In feature.
  • Enter attendance by highlighting and selecting attendees.  
  • Add or remove non-contiguous names from any list, with point-and-click ease.
  • Find absentees for any event with an easy-to-use report.  
  • Categorize attendance events into five user-defined groups.
  • Track attendance for an unlimited number of events.  
  • Show attendance patterns for the entire church, specific groups or individuals.  
  • Search record grids fast by using single-letter prompts.
  • Entry screens display full names and nicknames in batch lists.
  • Discard outdated records easily.
  • Enter attendance using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Allow volunteers to enter attendance at home and email files to update church records.

Contributions Module - Shepherd's Staff Church Management Software


Create IRS-compliant giving statements. Use an unlimited number of contributor and offering categories. Analyze pledges and contributions with reports and graphs.


  • Email member contribution statements to cut costs and provide convenient access.  
  • Prepare IRS-approved personal giving reports and self-mailing statements.
  • Create Post Office approved bar codes.
  • Use an unlimited number of contributor and offering categories.  
  • Track pledges for weekly, monthly and yearly time periods.  
  • Use lists, reports and graphs to analyze pledges and contributions for individuals, groups, or entire church.
  • Print contribution statements for a single envelope number.  
  • Add, combine, change, or delete member envelope numbers quickly.
  • Access special data handling features to enter pledges and offerings quickly.
  • Allow volunteers to enter contributions at home and email files to update church records.
  • Contributions postings automatically create deposits in the Finance module.
  • Create statements suitable for use in Canada.

Finance Module - Shepherd's Staff Church Management Software


Track an unlimited number of funds, accounts, and vendors. Set up checks, deposits, and journal entries to process automatically. Print checks from your computer.


  • Accounts Receivable helps your church generate invoices, track payments, manage sets of line items, customize discounts and more.
  • Balance bank statements in record time with on-screen reconciliation, reports, and worksheets.  
  • Work with unlimited number of accounting funds, accounts and vendors.  
  • Enter and analyze budgets with four built-in budget calculation methods.
  • Import budgets directly from Microsoft Excel.
  • Use double-entry bookkeeping.  
  • Keep a complete audit trail as you work.
  • Set up and organize charts of your accounts.
  • Set up checks, deposits, and journal entries to process automatically.
  • Enjoy flexible and convenient check writing, printing, and tracking.  
  • True running balance directly from the General Ledger.
  • View current account balances automatically when adding checks.
  • Number your own checks or switch off numbering for pre-printed checks.
  • Run Finance separately to make working from home easier.
  • Process payroll easily with seamless Paychex integration.

Scheduler Module - Shepherd's Staff Church Management Software


Keep your calendar updated. Schedule church staff, rooms, rentals, services, cleaning, and meetings. Track equipment usage and inventory. Create calendars for each room, and more.


  • Build automated to-do lists to simplify your daily operations with the Ministry Task Manager.
  • Prevent conflicts of room and resource usage.  
  • Schedule recurrent events, rooms, rentals, services, cleaning, and special meetings.
  • Record physical assets and values.
  • Track equipment usage and inventory.  
  • Schedule volunteers and church staff for events and meetings.
  • Manage ministry and bus routes.  
  • Track and schedule vehicle maintenance.