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Introducing Shepherd's Staff 2018

Written by Peter Frank | Dec 6, 2017 4:00:00 PM

Shepherd’s Staff 2018 is here! We’re introducing the option to store a backup of your database on CTS’s secure servers, plus several additional improvements. See the complete list of new features below.


  • Secure Backups: Supported customers can send a backup of their database to CTS.
  • Help Options: Help button on the Main Menu links to seminars, webinars, and manuals. Press F1 to automatically open a help page related to the window on your screen.
  • Webinar Access: Supported customers can watch training webinars within Shepherd’s Staff.


  • Activity/Skill/Training Mass Update: This feature has been completely redesigned to make it easier to update the entire list of individuals for an activity, skill, or training.
  • Combine Info for Two People: New utility that combines all Person information, including visits, significant deaths, activity/skill/training records, and personal notes. (Does not combine contributions.)


  • Statements: Canadian format has two terminology changes: “Printed on” now reads “Date receipt issued”, and “Signature” now reads “Authorized signature”.


  • Save As: This feature has been added back in to allow you to copy Dynamic subgroups.
  • Combined Subgroups: These subgroups can be copied.
  • Add/Edit Windows: These windows for Dynamic, Static, and Combined subgroups are now in .NET format.
  • Dynamic Subgroups: The logical OR feature has been replaced with a checked listbox.
  • Static Subgroups:
    • You can now filter the people in the “Not in the subgroup” column by Current Members, Non-members, Male, or Female.
    • The “Category” drop list now allows you to easily add and remove items.
    • Instead of a red asterisk indicating when data has been changed, an icon now appears on the Save button if a change has been made.

Tech Improvements

  • Error Solutions: New feature tells you if a problem you reported has been addressed in a feature pack or new software release.