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Complete Church Management



Church360° provides a complete suite of web-based church management software.

People Management - Church360 Members
Church Finance Management - Church360 Ledger
Church Website Builder - Church360 Unite

Manage congregational information, finances, and the church website with ease and efficiency.

Get the most out of your church management software.

Through effortless sync technology, the Church360° suite integrates to help keep information up-to-date and accurate across all programs.

From the moment a visitor walks through your doors to the time that person joins the church and becomes involved, the Church360° software suite makes your job of communicating, tracking information, and reaching out easier.

It’s smart technology for people-focused ministry.

Meet Matt.

Matt Carter is a new member at Christ Community Church. He’s a graphic designer and a musician; a couple of his hobbies are photography and hiking.

Follow Matt’s journey at Christ Community and discover how the Church360° suite simplifies the day-to-day tasks of church management for you—and for members like Matt.

Give Matt a profile.

It’s easy to create visitor and new-member profiles with Church360° Members. Profiles store important information about individuals in a convenient and accessible place. In Matt’s profile, you use tags—one of the most powerful tools in Church360° Members. Tag Matt with his talents and interests, with the groups he joins, and with his communication preferences.

Matt gets involved.

When Matt volunteers to help redesign the church website, it’s easy to add him as a user in Church360° Unite and set unique permissions. When you add Matt as an administrator, he can access the entire church website to make design and content updates from the comfort of his own home.

Matt Carter

Cultivate community.

Last Sunday, Matt joined Christ Community’s 20s & 30s Small Group on Thursday nights. He also joined the group online so he could stay informed and build community outside of Sunday worship and Bible study. Matt can log in to the church website through Church360° Unite and join discussions, see upcoming events, and get to know other members.

Create events.

Four times a year, the 20s & 30s Small Group plans an event. This quarter, they’re going on a weekend camping and canoeing trip. Church360° Members makes it easy to create one-time or recurring events and add individuals as attendees.

Sync up.

Calendar details entered through Church360° Members automatically flow back to Church360° Unite—and vice versa. This way, the church staff and church members stay up to date on all the happenings within the church—making planning and scheduling easy and convenient.

Send evites.

With Church360° Unite, it’s easy for group leaders to create events and send out invites, and it’s even easier to RSVP. Each invitee receives an email invitation asking him or her to RSVP by selecting “I'm going,” “I might go,” or “I'm not going.” Having this list of attendees allows you to automatically inform them of any updates, either through editing the event or posting on that event’s discussion board.

Track attendance.

Matt and 15 others RSVP for the camping trip. If you have Church360° Members linked to your Church360° Unite account, the benefits of the “evite” feature are even greater. Everyone who signs up to participate is added as an attendee, making attendance in Church360° Members a snap!

  • Track attendance of any kind
  • Quickly view events that require attendance
  • Record attendance by person, by count, or both

Tithing and trends.

The next weekend after returning from the camping trip, Matt attends the 11 a.m. worship service and puts his offering into the plate. With Church360° Members, it’s easy to track pledges given by individuals, track individual funds, and establish multiple funds for giving. View giving at a glance for a week, a month, or a year. With Church360° Members, it’s simple to set joint contributions, renumber offering envelopes, and more.

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