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Why offer eGiving at your church?


With online giving, contributions are transmitted automatically and deposited directly into the church bank account.

Stronger stewardship commitments

Scheduled, automated offerings help prevent people from falling behind on financial pledges.

More consistent donations

With automatic giving, it’s easy to tithe, even when you’re not at church.

More secure church office

Reduce the handling of checks and cash in the church office. With eGiving, all transactions are completed securely online.

Better planning

Avoid seasonal donation slumps, improve financial forecasting, and plan budgets with confidence.

Less to process

As the effort required to process check and cash donations decreases, the efficient use of staff time increases.
When you sign up, you’ll receive a free guide and promotional material to help introduce the idea of eGiving to your church!

Integrate eGiving with Shepherd’s Staff or Church360° Members church management software

Enjoy the convenience of less manual financial data entry when you sync your Vanco account with your church management software. Simply sign up for an account with Vanco, enter your account information into your church management software, and begin automatically integrating!

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Shepherd's Staff Church Management Software

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