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Screenshot of Home Page in Church360 Ledger

Designed for Churches

Church360° Ledger is accessible wherever there’s an Internet connection. Whether your church treasurer is on your paid staff or a volunteer working from home, they can access your database anytime, anywhere.

Build your Chart of Accounts »

Screenshot of Deposit Screen in Church360 Ledger

Simple Transaction Paths

Transfer or deposit money, make a payment, write a check, or create a journal entry. You also can sync with your Church360° Members account to track which accounts offering money goes into.

Simplify Transactions »

Screenshot of Income and Expense screen in Church360 Ledger

Straightforward Reporting

Available reports include the general ledger, income and expense reports, a chart of accounts, and balance sheets. All reports can be exported to Excel and printed.

Streamline Reporting »

Screenshot of Event Log in Church360 Ledger

Secure Audit Trail

Each transaction automatically creates a journal entry, and debits and credits automatically appear in the affected accounts. For additional transparency, an Event Log tracks all activities to your church’s accounts.

Secure Your Audit Trail »

Screenshot of Roles page in Church360 Ledger

Roles & Users

Set an unlimited number of roles with custom permissions. This ensures only the right people have access to the right information, and it keeps your data secure.

Customize Permissions »

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You’ll have full access to the features during your trial, and when you purchase the software, all the information in your database will be saved.

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