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MemberCaller is web-based software that helps you send a voice message to any number of telephones in minutes.


Use for groups big and small.

When details are important and minutes make a difference, quickly alert your members about important information changes.

Ready to Order?

Call (800) 325-2399 to sign up for the right plan for your church.

Please note: Due to system updates, the last day to place a MemberCaller order will be December 15, 2022.

CTS will be releasing an updated voice messaging system in early 2023.


These plans are one-time payment plans. All credits must be used by January 31, 2023. The last day to order new credits will be December 15, 2022.


Credits Price
100 Trial Credits
(Good for 90 days)
500 $44.99
1,000 $79.99
5,000 $369.99



A “credit” represents one voice message delivery to a single phone number. The message delivery may result in a live person answering the call, or the MemberCaller system leaving the message on an answering device such as voicemail. Credits are refunded to your account for calls resulting in No Answer, Busy, or Fax, or for numbers that are not in service.

Prepaid plan credits are good for 365 days after purchase, then they expire.

You can always add more credits or change your plan by calling us at 1 (800) 325-2399.

Credits may be used for one message or be spread over as many separate messages as you need.

The number of call lists per account is limited to 100.

Yes. As long as your account has sufficient credits, you can combine up to ten call lists in a single message.

Yes, MemberCaller’s technology determines whether the phone is answered by a live person, an answering machine or voicemail, or a fax line.

Message results can be reviewed by logging into your account online and navigating to “Message History”. Also, if you browse to “Account Info” and select “Notify”, you can select to receive an email that summarizes the results of each message you send.

We provide a toll-free number the recipient can dial to hear the last message sent to him or her. If a recipient hangs up inadvertently or a partial message is left in voicemail, the recipient can dial the toll-free number to hear the message again.

Credits are good for voice messages up to 45 seconds in length.

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