Designed Exclusively for Churches

We understand the challenges churches face when it comes to money management. That’s why we’ve designed software that helps both experienced accountants and volunteers with basic bookkeeping skills manage church finances with confidence and ease.

Quick & Easy Setup

From setting up your chart of accounts to entering your first transaction, it only takes minutes to get started. Plus, step-by-step guides will direct you along the way.

Organized for Better Bookkeeping

Easily track your church’s financial condition with at-a-glance charts and graphs. Church360° Ledger is designed to give you all the information you need in easy-to-read formats.

Flexible Organization

Customize your chart of accounts to fit the unique needs of your church. Create as many accounts as you need and organize them into categories to easily view balances.

Unlimited Users & Permissions

The options are endless when it comes to adding users and setting the appropriate permissions. This way, the right information is accessible to the right people without any additional cost to you.

Easy & Error-Proof Transactions

Transactions prepopulate based on your chart of accounts and the software prevents you from making bad transactions. You do not have to worry about the credits and debits—Church360° Ledger does that for you.

Full List of Features