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Because you’re a WELS customer, this software solution is yours for only $30/month or $300/year. That’s a savings of up to 37%!

Church360° Ledger is web-based finance software designed exclusively for churches. It streamlines the accounting process so balancing budgets and managing accounts is simple and intuitive. Enjoy a further discount when you pay in one amount for the entire year rather than monthly.

Logically designed for ease of use.

Based on the principles of fund accounting, Church360° Ledger accommodates experienced accountants and those who are new to managing money. Transactions, debits, and credits prepopulate based on your chart of accounts, and the software prevents you from making bad transactions.

Work wherever, whenever.

Church360° Ledger is completely online. So whether your church treasurer is on your paid staff or a volunteer working from home, they can access your database anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Designed for churches.

We understand the challenges churches face when it comes to money management. That’s why we allow you to set an unlimited number of roles with custom permissions. This ensures that only the right people have access to the right information, and it keeps your data secure.

Start your free 37-day trial today!