Ministry Task Manager

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Ministry Task Manager Feature of Shepherd's Staff Church Management Software

New for all five modules, the Ministry Task Manager feature gives you a place for all your ministry to-do lists. It’s easy to create task templates, to store documents for getting the job done, and to receive automatic reminders. Here’s a glimpse of what you can assign:

  • One-Time Task: Call and rent a van for the upcoming youth mission trip.
  • Reoccurring Tasks: Print and mail this month’s newsletter.
  • Dependent Tasks: When a visitor is added to Shepherd’s Staff . . .
    • Send Welcome Packet (Assimilation Director)
    • Set up a home visit (Pastor)
    • Call and introduce yourself (Elder)

When you set up a task, choose from a variety of helpful options to guide the process:

  • Group the task into a category (for example: “Office”).
  • Give the task a descriptive tagline.
  • Select a reasonable start and finish timeframe.
  • Assign a person(s) responsible for task completion.
  • Determine if the task should be set to repeat.

Stay one step ahead of the game
with Ministry Task Manager!

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