Shepherd's Staff WebTools - AttendanceShepherd's Staff WebTools is a separate portal that you can log into through a web browser, and it allows you to complete certain tasks in Shepherd’s Staff when you are away from your church computer.

  • WebTools makes it easy for volunteers to help out with basic tasks like entering attendance and offerings, and this saves time for church staff.

  • No confidential data is stored online, and the data from the web easily syncs with what is stored on your computer.                                                                                                                  
    Shepherd's Staff WebTools - Mac
  • Access these WebTools from anywhere with an internet connection, even on a tablet or a Mac.




Additional Updates 

  • Web-Based Help System: New Help website, which can be launched from each module
  • Database Switch Button: New button at login that lets you pick a different database before logging in
  • Graduation-Year Field: New field that auto-populates based on birth date
  • Attendance by Event Report: New options for filtering and grouping information for reports
  • Improvements to Batch Entry (Contributions): Fields that do not apply are disabled or hidden, simplifyng offering entry
  • Multiple Improvements to Statements: Longer allowable message length, and "classic" statements have been removed
  • Combine Vendors: New utility added to Finance
  • Calendar of Events Report Export to Google: Export calendar in format that can be imported into Google Calendar
  • Scheduler Events Grid Export to Google: Export grid in a format that can be imported into Google Calendar