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New, Refreshed Design

Jan 27, 2016 2:30:00 PM


We’ve refreshed Church360° Ledger by updating the navigation icons, optimizing page layouts, and making other improvements to the design throughout the software.

Updated Navigation Icons

The icons in the top navigation and drop down menus have been updated to better identify the pages within Church360° Ledger:

Church360 Ledger Settings Icons   Church360 Ledger Icons

New Reconcilliation Mode

We’ve created a new, immersive experience when Reconciling accounts:

Church360 Ledger Reconcile Account

Full-Screen Transactions

Now when you enter a new transaction, Church360° Ledger enters a full-screen view:

Church360 Ledger Check Transaction   Church360 Ledger Deposit Transaction

Improved Layout on Settings Pages

In the various pages under Settings, such as Chart of Accounts, Budgets, and so on, we removed the side navigation to improve the page layouts (to navigate to the different Settings pages, you can continue to use the drop down menu under the Settings icon in the top navigation):

Church360 Ledger Chart of Accounts

Unified Design Elements

Many subtle details were updated to better unify Church360° Ledger’s design with Church360° Members and Church360° Unite. Adjustments to colors, button design, and more improved the appearance and function of aspects fo the software, such as Permissions:

Church360 Ledger Permissions


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Amanda Lansche

Written by Amanda Lansche

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