A better way to do payroll.

Integrate Paychex with Church360º Ledger to simplify your payroll process.

Concordia Technology Solutions has partnered with Concordia Plans Services and Paychex to provide you with a simple alternative to payroll processing. A new feature in Church360º Ledger allows you to easily import Paychex information, helping you save time and energy when recording payroll information in Church360º Ledger.

With Paychex, all you have to do is submit your payroll online, call your dedicated Paychex Payroll Specialist, or fax it in . . . and you’re done! Plus, with decades of experience, Paychex assures accurate tax calculations and timely deposits and filings, based directly on client-submitted payroll totals.


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Concordia Plan Services

With Paychex, it’s easy to . . .


Do Payroll Your Way

Whether you do it yourself or enlist a local payroll specialist for help, Paychex makes payroll run smoothly each pay period.


Stay Compliant

Remain up-to-date with changing labor laws and regulations, in turn saving your company from expensive fines or lawsuits.


Go Mobile

Enjoy the flexibility to manage your payroll from your smartphone or tablet. It’s
easy, secure, and free!

Special Discounts

  • Employers Enrolled with Concordia Plan Services save 35%* on Paychex Payroll packages.**
  • Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod employers who are not in the Concordia Plans are also eligible for special discounted pricing.

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*The 35% discount is available to employers who agree to allow Concordia Plan Services (CPS) to retrieve payroll data through the Paychex automated process. (This data is the same information collected from CPS employers by mail and fax.) Automating this process improves efficiency, reduces processing cost, and ensures accurate information is received in a timely manner. 

** This discount percentage is good for three years. A three-year price lock option is also available with a signed contract. Please discuss the available options with a Paychex representative.


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