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Writing and Printing Checks

Jun 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Writing Checks

  1. Click "New Transaction" and select "Check."
  2. Enter the Memo of the check. This is optional but is highly recommended for reference purposes.
  3. Choose the date of the check. This should be the date that you print the check.
  4. Select your payee. If this is a new payee, type their name and the payee will be created. You can add contact details later.
  5. Enter your check number. This is optional as well. If you don’t know the check number, leave it blank and it will be auto-generated for you at the time of printing.
  6. Choose your asset account. The list will only show any Asset accounts that have been selected as checking accounts.
  7. Enter your amount. This is should be the total dollar amount that is leaving the checking account.
  8. Select your offset account(s). This is where you wish to track the amount. It can be split over more than one Expense if you wish.
  9. Click "Save & Print" or "Save." If you wish to print your check right now, select "Save & Print." To print your checks in a batch, choose "Save."

Church360 Ledger Write Checks

Printing Checks

  1. If you selected "Save," the check will be submitted to the Print Queue. The Print Queue can be accessed by clicking on the printer icon in the top right.
    1. When you view the print queue, you will see a list of all checks that are waiting to be printed.
    2. Click the checkbox to the left of all the checks you would like to print.
    3. Click "Print Selected."
    4. If you have any checks selected that do not have check numbers, it will ask you for those numbers at that time.
    5. You will then see the print preview screen.
  2. If you selected "Save & Print," you will be taken directly to the Print Preview screen. If you did not enter a check number, it will ask you for that number.
  3. In the preview, you will see that the check portion is in either the top section or the middle section.
    1. Make sure this matches the paper check on which you will print.
    2. To change which section the check prints, go to Settings --> General.
  4. Click the "Print" button in the top center to open your browsers print window.
  5. Select the appropriate print and click Print.

Church360 Ledger Print Check


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Written by Peter Frank

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