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Shepherd's Staff 2016 Feature Pack 2

May 10, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Shepherd's Staff Product Updates

Shepherd's Staff 2016 Feature Pack 2 has arrived! Download the feature pack here to take advantage of the improvements and bug fixes we’ve made.

Download the free Feature Pack to update your database with improvements and bug fixes.

Download Feature Pack

Here's the complete list of improvements and bug fixes included in this Feature Pack, sorted by category:

General Improvements

  • Improved the error handler, providing diagnostic information to identify the cause/solution for certain network, computer, and connectivity issues that lie outside of the software. 

  • You can now select the font to use as the default font on most Shepherd’s Staff reports.  It is located under the Main Menu “Individual User Settings”. 

  • Fixed problem where, when using the “yy/mm/dd” system date format in Windows and backing up your database, certain dates could cause “Error 13, Type mismatch". 

  • The Shepherd’s Staff login window has a new “Switch” button that allows you to pick a different database without having to log into the currently active database. 

  • Addressed problem where rapid clicking of the Main Menu module buttons could launch multiple instances of a given module (which in turn could generate error messages). 

  • Fixed a problem with the data validation portion of Optimize Database that, in a certain rare situation, would cause the Date Removed to be reset to 1/1/1900 for all removed persons. 

Attendance Module 

  • The “by week” and “by month” views on the Attendance Dashboard now have double-click drill-down displaying the associated Event Summary records for the selected week or month.
  • The “by week” view on the Attendance Dashboard now displays the starting date of each week next to the week number. 
  • On the Event Summary view you can now drill down to the associated Attendance Detail.  

Contributions Module

  • Fixed “Error 94” that some customers experienced during Offering Batch entry
  • The font and font size can now be increased on the Offering Batch Summary and Detail reports, to make it easier to read. 

  • Fixed problem with the Fund Name being blank on the Yearly Summary tab of the Contributor Details window.
  • The Contributor view now displays the last date that each contributor gave to the church.  This helps the church determine if the giver should be skipped when renumbering envelopes for the next year.

  • The “do not renumber” and “preferred statement method” columns are now included on the grid report for contributors.

  • To avoid confusion, the total given year-to-date at the top right of the previewable statements has been relabeled from ''Total'' to ''Year-to-date'', e.g. ''2016 Total'' to ''2016 Year-to-date''. 

 Finance Module

  • Fixed a problem with account actuals/budgets not displaying in the correct year/month order for certain accounts when using the Accounts Tree.
  • Fixed a typo with “Current Balance” on the AR Account Activity report/statement.
  • Fixed a problem where unlinking a student from an AR account could result in an “Error 3061”. 

Membership Module

  • Fixed a problem where “Error 5, Invalid procedure call or argument” could occur with the new “Month at a Glance” calendar. 

  • Improvements made to the Activity/Skill/Training report so that, when previewing data, you can click on a node in the preview tree and it automatically jumps to that location in the report.
  • Fixed a problem with both home phone and cell phone printing if they are the same, and with both home e-mail and personal e-mail printing if they are the same.

  • The “by Person” version of the Activity/Skill/Training report now splits out all three types of lists under each name (instead of printing three separate report sections that repeat the person’s name under each section).  The old version of the report that splits out by list type is still available, and is now called “Person within List Type".

  •  The Activity/Skill/Training report now includes person sub-counts under each section, so you don’t have to count up people by hand.

  • Fixed a problem with people who have the same name being combined together on the Activity/Skill/Training reports.

  • Fixed a problem with the page number getting cut off when you print an Activity/Skills/Training report that is at least 20 pages long.

  • Fixed a problem with “Sp.” (Spouse) appearing before a child’s phone number when printing one of the “three-column” formats of the Church Directory.

  • Fixed a problem with “Error 3163” occurring for some customers when printing one of the denominational annual reports (such as the ELCA annual report).

  • Fixed problem with the year “1899” appearing in the heading of the ELCA annual report.

  • Efficiency improvements were made to the Households grid to improve speed and memory usage, and also to allow you to sort the grid by the Head of Household column (which was not possible before).

  • Fixed a problem with printing Contribution Statements through the Membership module that caused “DAO Error Code: 0xbf5”.

  • Fixed a problem with the Visitation Schedule and Planning report where a certain combination of criteria caused “Error 3061, Too few parameters.  Expected  1.”

  • Fixed a problem with the Visitation Schedule and Planning report where printing the “planning” version of the report caused “Error -2147206461, File not found.”  

Scheduler Module

  • Added a new “copy key” feature to the Church Keys grid. 
Anna Johnson

Written by Anna Johnson

Deaconess Anna Johnson loves to share the Good News of Jesus with children, youth, and families. She's a graduate of Concordia University Chicago and the University of Colorado - Denver. In her free time, Anna enjoys fishing, reading, and a good cup of tea.

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