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Shepherd's Staff 2017 Feature Pack 2- Software Update

Jun 28, 2017 4:00:00 PM


The Shepherd’s Staff 2017 Feature Pack 2 is now available! We’re introducing a new streamlined process for software updates, as well as several additional improvements. Download the feature pack to take advantage of all the updates listed below.

Download Feature Pack

Software Updates and Upgrades

  • Feature Pack 2 includes a new streamlined software update process. When you check for updates and a feature or service pack is available, Shepherd’s Staff will automatically download the updates. You no longer have to go to the CTS website to get these; keeping your Shepherd’s Staff software up to date has never been easier!
  • You can also now download annual releases of Shepherd’s Staff. As soon as version 2018 is available, supported customers will be able to immediately download the upgrade; no more waiting for a CD in the mail!


  • The Anniversaries report has a new option for Current Members, which allows you to filter out all removed and inactive people without having to build a subgroup.
  • The Church Directory export (used for sending information to photo directory companies) now includes a column for Ministry Group.
  • Church Register, Funerals:
    • The grid now displays a person’s date of death, so you don’t have to go into the record to see that information.
    • When adding a funeral, the date of death now automatically fills with the date the person was removed from church membership (as recorded on the individual’s Person Record).
  • Church Roster/rotary cards: Those who use Avery 5385-style sheet-fed rotary cards can now print the cell phone number instead of the work number on the card.
  • Dashboard: The statistics for Total Members, Total Baptized Members, Members Received, and Members now have a drill-down button allowing you to see who comprises each category.
  • Parents Of report: The child’s birthdate has been added to the report.
  • Visits by Household/Person report: Visits can now be printed by date.


  • Statements: You can choose to not include the year-to-date total.


  • Accounts Receivable:
    • You can filter the AR account list to only display active accounts.
    • You can copy an AR payment to save time entering similar payments.
    • AR statements have a new “No payments since” filter, letting you send statements to only those who have not yet paid their tuition.
  • Journal Entries: When adding a journal entry using the Add Again button, the date no longer resets to the current date, simplifying the process for entering multiple Journal Entries for the same date.

Main Menu

  • If you receive a message that someone is in Shepherd’s Staff when you attempt to back up, restore, or optimize the database or upgrade to a new version, the program now provides a list of users who may still be using the program.

Download Feature Pack

Peter Frank

Written by Peter Frank

Peter Frank is full-time student at Concordia Seminary who also serves part-time at Concordia Publishing House as the Digital Product Owner. His responsibilities include leading Concordia Technology Solutions (CTS), the church management software division. A graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin, his background in theology, business, and technology gives him a unique perspective on technology in the church. He is married and the father of two young children.

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