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Shepherd's Staff 2020: A New Membership Module

Sep 10, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Currently, Shepherd’s Staff is going through an interface redesign, module by module. Last year we released the redesigned Attendance module and this year we will be releasing the redesigned Membership module. The new software conventions seen in last year’s Attendance module release will also be seen in this year’s Membership module release. Some of the new conventions you may look forward to seeing are the Tool Bar, Module Tabs, and Favorites.


New Tool Bar

The new Tool Bar, as seen in the Attendance module, can now be seen in the Membership Module. The Tool Bar contains icons to launch the Membership and Attendance module. In addition, users will be able to access features shared between modules such as Subgroups, Labels, and Report Writer. The plan is to add more modules to the toolbar in the future, allowing users to quickly jump between them.

Membership Tabs

The soon to be released, redesigned Membership module will group Grids, Reports, and Tools into separate tabs. The grids found in Shepherd’s Staff 8.7 have been converted into sub tabs underneath the main tabs in the new Membership Module. For example, the People grid information is now located in the “Individual” sub tab located underneath the People tab.

Note: Each sub tab has its own action button that can be used to complete tasks like adding, printing, and exporting.

People Tab

The People tab groups together Personal Related Information views. Some examples are the Individuals, Households, and Anniversaries. In addition, there is a new List view that shows Activity/Skills/Training, Ministry Groups, Person Assigned, Sunday School Grades, and School Grade Records. Users will also be able to access the Volunteer search and Parents search views which allow users to easily search for specific types of person records. 

Ministry Tab

The Ministry tab groups together ministry information into separate sub tabs. Users will be able to use this tab to find Inactive Members, Follow-up with Visitors, and reach out to the survive by of deceased church members.

Note: Pastoral visits have been converted into touch points with an expanded list of contact methods and mileage tracking.

Church Register Tab

The Church Register Tab groups together different views for the significant life events of your church members. These views include, but are not limited to: Baptisms, Confirmations, and Weddings.

Reports Tab

The Reports tab groups all the Membership reports into one single area. Clicking on one of the reports will change the selection options in the middle of the window. Clicking on Print will allow you to preview your selected report. Reports with a double asterisk prior to the name are reports that have been converted to a view. Users will use a view to generate reports like the Anniversaries report, the Church Register report, and the Parents Of report in Shepherd’s Staff 2020. 

Tools/Settings Tab

The final tab is the Tools/Settings tab. Under this tab, you can find all the Membership Tools and Membership Settings. It is no longer necessary to exit the Membership module to access settings from the main screen.

For an overview of how to use Shepherd's Staff 2020, or to see demonstrations on how to use these new features, please watch the video below.



Rod Kyles

Written by Rod Kyles

Rod Kyles is the manager of software support at Concordia Technology Solutions. He has a degree in computer networking and technology from Vatterott College, and as he says, “There is nothing better than having the opportunity to serve churches while still working with technology.” When he’s not working with computers, he enjoys spending time with his close-knit family and going to the movies.

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