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Updated Finance Module in Shepherd’s Staff v9.0

Dec 1, 2023 12:00:00 PM


We are pleased to announce version 9.0 of Shepherd’s Staff, which features a completely revamped Finance Module. Matching the updated design and functionality of the other modules, the new Finance Module will allow you to manage your church’s resources with more efficiency and ease than ever before.  

New Finance Features

  • Experience streamlined, user-friendly data entry.
  • Quickly find the information you need with the “Search” feature.
  • Compile the right information for your congregation’s needs with updated reporting features (e.g., the Customizable Treasurer’s Report).
  • Get the big picture with revamped analysis tools.
  • Reprint bank reconciliation reports for your church records.

In addition to the major update to the Finance Module, we have made several key improvements to other Shepherd’s Staff modules. 

Membership Features

  • Filter households “with non-removed people.”
  • Find the Household count now just below the tree on the Household/Person edit window.
  • Export Global Labels reports.
  • Print double-sided church directories.
  • Notice that the “Person Name” has been split out into separate columns.
  • Find that Emergency Contact 1 and 2 have been added to the “Parents” search tool and reports.
  • Add important medical/allergy information to the field that has been added to the “Parents” search reports.
  • Print all addresses for an individual.
  • Streamline membership updates with the Show in Church 360° Unite tool.

Contribution Features

  • Mark offerings as nondeductible from within an offering batch.
  • Print contribution statements for “Anonymous.”
  • Hide contributor names in batch checklist reports.
  • Add optional or “Resident” to envelope box labels.
  • Use the new “Offering Count” column in the “By Fund, Year” summary grid.
  • Sort by account number on the Funds grid.
  • Explore the new option in the “Who” selection under Contribution Statements: “For one contributor.”
  • Use the new Copy ID button in the Vanco giving import.
  • Enter negative amounts in batch entry.
  • Lock description text in batch entry.
  • Utilize the updated 5-year Fund Summary report.

Subgroup Features

  • The Subgroup Cleanup utility has a new option for Static Subgroups with Removed People. This option scans all static subgroups for people who are marked as Removed in Membership.

Other Features

  • Under “Help,” there is a new option for “Chat with Software Support.” It displays a window with instructions for starting a chat session, along with a link to the Shepherd’s Staff support page.
  • On the print preview window, LibreOffice has been added to the Export options in the lower right.
  • Preparations have been made to distinguish between the Donation Date and the Settlement Date in the Vanco import in version 9.0.

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