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Introducing Shepherd's Staff 2016

Jan 14, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Shepherd's Staff 2016

Introducing Shepherd’s Staff 2016! See below for a full list of what’s been updated and improved in the new version.

Customers who have a current support contract will receive a copy of Shepherd’s Staff 2016 in the mail for free, and the discs will ship out today!*

Shepherd’s Staff 2016

Accounts Receivable

New to the Finance module, the new Accounts Receivable feature helps your church and school keep track of all the moving parts so that you can spend less time tech-ing and more time talking. Even though families and churches are becoming more complex, your finances don't have to.

With Accounts Receivable, you can:

  • Generate invoices for school tuition, facility rentals, and more
  • Track payments by multiple payees and scholarships
  • Manage sets of line items such as tuition, technology, and athletic fees
  • Customize discounts and payment structures

Click the button below to download the Accounts Receivable Instructions.

Download Accounts Receivable Instructions


New Features & Fixes

Shepherd’s Staff 2016 includes many other updates and improvements, such as:

  • Expanded information section on the Households Tree
  • Completely redesigned Calendar of Events
  • Improved Sunday School / Church Class Roster report

For a complete list of changes, download the PDF below!


Click the button below to download the Shepherd’s Staff 2016 Features & Fixes Document for a full list of what's been updated and improved in the new version!

Download Shepherd's Staff 2016 Features & Fixes Document


*Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. If you do not receive your copy by January 28, please contact Buffy Alvarez at buffy.alvarez@cph.org

Amanda Lansche

Written by Amanda Lansche

Amanda Lansche is the owner of AGL Creative, capturing the stories of people’s lives through photo and video. At Maryville University, she studied English and fine art. Amanda is married, with a little boy and a tiny guard dog at home, where she regularly consumes spiral mac & cheese, M&M's ice cream, and novels full of beautiful words.

Shepherd’s Staff

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