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Shepherd's Staff 2016 Feature Pack 1

Feb 11, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Shepherd's Staff Product Updates

Time for an update! Download the 2016 Feature Pack to take advantage of the improvements and bug fixes we’ve made to the 2016 version of Shepherd’s Staff.

Download the free Feature Pack to update your database with improvements and bug fixes.

Download Feature Pack

What's in Feature Pack 1?

Here's a complete list of improvements and bug fixes included in this Feature Pack:

  • The ELCA Membership annual report was updated to the latest version for 2015.

  • A new utility in Finance allows you to combine duplicate vendors.

  • Contribution statement messages can now be up to 1000 characters, and they can even include paragraph breaks.

  • When entering an offerings batch, you can now choose to hide skipped or inactive envelopes.

  • Sort the offering batches grid by single-clicking on a column heading.

  • When entering an offerings batch, you can choose to display the fund name at all times.

  • When changing your password, a new checkbox allows you  to show the password.

  • When entering an offerings batch, you can now sort columns by clicking on the column heading once, and then reverse the sort order by clicking the heading a second time.

  • When entering an offerings batch, a new flag will indicate whether or not you can the Distribute utility.

  • When adding or editing a pledge, a new button allows you to quickly match a pledge date range with the fiscal year in Finance.

  • Within the Pledges grid window, you can now easily access the Add Pledges utility.

  • The Contributions Dashboard now includes columns for the number of envelopes and the average amount given per envelope.

  • The Attendance by Event Report now includes cell phone, gender, age, and email address fields.

  • Group the attendees on an Attendance by Event Report using Gender, Ethnic Origin, Marital Status, Membership Code, or Participation.

  • Quickly filter the Attendance by Event Report to see members or non-members.

  • Quickly filter the Attendance by Event Report to see a single Sunday School grade.

  • Quickly print for a single activity, skill, or training list from the Attendance by Event Report.

  • Group the attendees on an Attendance by Event Report using Age Group.

  • You can now export a Calendar of Events Report directly to Google's Calendar CSV format.

  • You can now export a Scheduler Event grid directly to Google's Calendar CSV format.

  • Easily update the records for the people participating in a single Activity (from Present to Experience).

  • Within the A/S/T grid's Find window, you can now search using the date on which an activity begins or began.

  • For payment plans, the Accounts Receivable transaction window now displays the complete payment schedule.

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