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4 Best Free Christian Apps

Aug 10, 2015 9:00:00 AM

4 Best Free Christan Apps

Apps blow my mind. Seriously. I remember when accessing the Internet on my phone was a luxury, and if I accidentally opened the Internet my parents would be charged a ridiculous amount for my two seconds of access. Now, I use apps constantly. I have an app that gives me a refund if my groceries were found cheaper elsewhere, an app that teaches me another language, and an app that tracks calories that I’ve eaten and burned. In fact, there are approximately 1.4 million apps in the Apple App Store alone! Mind-blowing.

If you don’t know what an app is, no worries. Apps (short for applications) are downloadable programs for your smart phone or tablet. There are apps for social networking (Facebook), life organizing (calendars and to-do lists), and, yes, even faith growing!

Because I’m cheap and am not willing to spend $4.99 on an app, here’s my list of the best free Christian apps:

The Bible

Obviously. I like this version because it’s free (!) and there’s an abundance of versions available (!!). You can highlight verses, add notes to sections, or share verses on Facebook or Twitter! There are studies on this app as well.

Prayer Calendar

There are those who have a heart for missions, and then there are those of us (me) who want to pray for the church abroad but don’t know how. I don’t know what, who, or where to pray for; I hear the stories of Christian beheadings on the news but don’t know how to pray for those who have been killed for believing in Christ. This app, created by the Voice of the Martyrs, posts one specific prayer request per day for countries facing persecution and sends you reminders to pray daily.

Scripture Typer

This app is amazing. In three steps, you can have Bible verses memorized. The days of reading, covering, and peeking at verses (shout out to grade school religion classes) are over. Choose to memorize individual verses or verses in a collection, and invite your friends to memorize with you!


This radio station app plays encouraging contemporary Christian music. I’m a little biased because I grew up listening to this station, but nonetheless they play popular artists such as Newsboys, Big Daddy Weave, and Mark Schultz as well as some up-and-coming Christian singers.


If you have money to spare, here are two paid apps that are every bit as good as any of the free ones.

iPhone; Android

One of my biggest struggles as a Christian is praying daily. Every day, the app features a different Psalm, Old Testament, and New Testament reading, as well as various other daily prayers. The featured prayers follow along with the Christian Church Year, and there are prayers available for different seasons of life.

iPhone; Android

If you're a pastor, this app is a valuable resource. When you're on the go and ministering to people outside of the church building, it contains scripture readings, psalms, and hymns.

These apps are useful in any stage of your faith walk and are incredibly easy to use. While nothing will ever take the place of my worn, highlighted, good old-fashioned print Bible, there is a certain fascination at having the entire Word of God in the palm of your hand. Mind-blowing, right?


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Hannah Osborne

Written by Hannah Osborne

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