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Free Fall Resources for Online Church Giving

Aug 17, 2022 12:00:00 PM

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If you’re not aware, Vanco is an online giving tool that integrates with Church360° and Shepherd’s Staff. With Concordia Technology Solutions and Vanco, you can spend less time on the computer and more time on what you do best: people-focused ministry.

Free Templates, Guides, and More! A Useful Resource Roundup! 

Over at Vanco’s website, there are many resources for pastors and church leaders; everything from ways to boost online giving to sample prayers and speeches for all occasions.

Instead of sending you to their website to dig around for what you need, we’re giving you a roundup of Vanco’s best and most useful resources, all in one place.

Turn Visitors into New Members

With this free kit, you’ll be able to build a welcome packet for newcomers in no time. It comes with 8 church-connection-card templates, verse-and-quote cards, 40 amazing welcome quotes to use in printed material, and 7 free letter templates to welcome new members, along with free welcome-message templates.

You can copy and paste these materials as is or edit them to suit your church’s needs.

Every Giving Letter Your Church Needs

Talking about money isn’t always easy, so asking for gifts isn’t easy—even for pastors. That’s why Vanco built a resource to help you craft the perfect messages to request donations and thank members for them.

When you download this free eBook, you’ll receive 35 church-letter samples to simplify appeals, holiday messages, thank-yous, and more! You’ll also get the techniques you need for crafting a message to earn large grant proposals and learn how to write your own thank-you and appeal messages.

Taking the steps in the eBook could help you increase donations by an average of 26 percent!

Church Hospitality Ministry Guide

Have you ever walked into a church and felt welcomed from the time you entered the building until the time you left? If so, chances are that the church had a strong hospitality ministry. That’s the way everyone should feel at any church they attend, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen. Many times, church members neglect to interact with visitors, and new people leave feeling unwelcome and left out, never to return—especially with the option for virtual services.

You need a church-hospitality plan to make people—visitors and members alike—feel loved and wanted. The size of your congregation doesn't matter. Vanco has prepared a hospitality guide to help attract new members and maintain current members.

In this free guide, you’ll learn exactly what church-hospitality ministry is, why it’s so important, how to create a solid church-hospitality plan, the roles and responsibilities of a hospitality committee, guidelines for running an existing hospitality ministry, and best practices and ideas to attract new members.

The Ultimate Church-Leadership Guide for Faith Leaders

You can get the tried, true, and tested church-leadership strategies and techniques used by top ministries to build healthy and growing congregations.

When you download Vanco’s free ebook, you’ll learn what to avoid, how to set SMART goals, leadership-model structures to inspire your church-leadership strategy, how to recruit volunteers and delegate, how to handle challenging situations like disgruntled members or staff, how to be a good financial steward for your church, and much more!

For a look at all of Vanco’s free resources, head over to their website and browse the blog or
resource section.

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Vanco provides seamless online payment solutions for educational and nonprofit organizations to function efficiently. By complying with PCI Level 1 standards, Vanco offers the highest level of security available in the payment-processing industry. Vanco has a wide variety of products, including a mobile app, online-giving pages, and text-message giving.